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Increasing UK biomass production through more productive use of land – new report published

A new report summarising over 5 years of work commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has concluded that the UK should be capable of growing around 1.4 million hectares of second generation bioenergy crops by 2050. This would mean planting 7.5% of UK agricultural land with Miscanthus, Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow and Short […]

New report calls for more planting of Miscanthus and Short Rotation Coppice for Sustainable Biofuel production

A new report by the Royal Academy of Engineering has called for more planting of perennial energy crops such as Short Rotation Coppice (SRC), Miscanthus and Switchgrass for second generation biofuel production. The report called Sustainability of Liquid Biofuels states that lignocellulosic crops provide better land resource efficiency and life cycle carbon emissions than the […]

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditations

We’ve been completing RHI accreditations since the scheme was launched back in 2011 and have done plenty of complex district heating schemes and systems fuelled with energy crops such as miscanthus. We have a 100% record of getting clients through the application process. Why would you want to use Biomass Troubleshooters to do your accreditation […]

Project Management

Biomass projects are 20 year decisions so you need to make the right choices. Project managing the installation yourself can be a daunting prospect. You’ll need to be sure of your decisions and also be comfortable liaising and directing multiple contractors on site. Then there’s all the paperwork incolved. If this all fills you with dread […]

Biomass feedstock assessments

Do you have a potential biomass fuel resource or are you considering planting for the future? Are you thinking of using the fuel yourself or becoming a supplier to third parties? Whatever your resource, be it existing woodland, energy crops, agricultural residues or waste we can help you understand its potential and the economics of supply. We […]

Resolving issues with Biomass systems

In a perfect world you’d make your choice of boiler and installer and everything would go perfectly with no issues. Unfortunately, in such a very fast growing industry there will inevitably be problems. In most cases these can be solved through working with your installer. But sometimes, companies will go bust or communications will become […]

Independent Metering Reports (IRMA) and Heat Loss Assessments

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) involves users receiving payments based on accurate heat meter readings over a 20 year period. In our experience, the quality of workmanship surrounding meter placement is often quite poor. We cannot overemphasise the importance of having meters thoroughly checked and signed off by an independent engineer at the beginning of […]

Crops for Energy are partners in academic research study on using short rotation coppice for the management of landfill leachate – The BRILL project

Crops for Energy are delighted to be an industrial partner in a project called: Biomass Production through the Sustainable Recycling of Irrigated Landfill Leachate (BRILL). The research is headed up by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and is funded by Invest Northern Ireland through the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy’s (CASE) core research programme. […]

Watch the Wood Heat Association & UK Pellet Council’s video on woodfuel sustainability

This short ( 1 minute) video produced by the Wood Heat Association (WHA) and the UK Pellet Council (UKPC) simply shows the sustainability credentials of woodfuel. Most woodfuel comes from parts of trees that don’t have other uses. Also, more trees are planted than are being cut down so there really aren’t the issues of carbon […]