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Could timber shortage lead to boom time for energy crops?

Last year we reported on a Europe wide timber shortage and the reasons for this. This led to massive increases in the price of biomass fuels, particularly wood pellets. As a result of this we are already seeing signs that UK landowners are beginning to realise the benefits of planting more energy crops and woodland […]

Woodland Creation Grant 2018 – Don’t miss out!

If you are thinking of planting a woodland then you should get ready to apply for the Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant in 2018. The scheme is very generous ans pays up to a maximum of £6,800 per planted hectare! The grant is competitive and applications need to score sufficient points relating to the schemes priorities on biodiversity, water […]

Increasing UK biomass production through more productive use of land – new report published

A new report summarising over 5 years of work commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has concluded that the UK should be capable of growing around 1.4 million hectares of second generation bioenergy crops by 2050. This would mean planting 7.5% of UK agricultural land with Miscanthus, Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow and Short […]

Preparation of a sustainable bioenergy policy for the period after 2020 – EU consultation response

We have just responded to this European Commission consultation which closes on 10th May. Our response can be seen here: EUSurvey – C4E It’s really important that the perennial energy crops sector responds to this consultation to ensure that the Commission understands the many benefits afforded by short rotation coppice (SRC), short rotation forestry (SRF), Miscanthus and other energy […]

Woodland Creation Grant 2016 – Don’t miss out

The Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant 2016 is worth up to £6,800 per planted hectare. The grant is competitive and applications need to score sufficient points relating to the schemes priorities on biodiversity, water (quality and flood mitigation) and climate change in order to be successful. Short Rotation Forestry schemes (including Eucalyptus) have been successful in […]

Green solutions for problem sites

Crops for Energy provide a consultancy service on green willow and poplar solutions for your problem site. Fast growing willow and poplars offer green solutions for many problem sites including: Greening up derelict and disused sites such as capped landfill sites Using SRC willows for treatment of landfill leachate Bioremediation of contaminated land i.e. ex-sewage […]

Rokwood Final Project Publication now online

The EU funded Rokwood  project is drawing to a close on 30th November. The principal aim of the project was to increase the market penetration of woodfuel produced from short rotation plantations (SRP) by encouraging more dialogue between industry participants, researchers, policy makers and business. The UK cluster was represented by Crops for Energy Ltd, […]

Impact of Energy Crops Workshop – Brussels 02/12/2014

This workshop is aiming to raise awareness of perennial energy crops amongst major conservation NGOs. During the day there will be an opportunity for some myths to be debunked whilst extending an olive branch so that project developers, farmers and conservation bodies can work together in order to achieve highly sustainable bioenergy projects. Crops for […]