RHI Services

Crops for Energy has been involved in helping clients through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) process since the scheme was launched back in 2011. We’ve been involved in around 100 projects covering accreditation, metering reports, amendments and sustainability compliance.

ActivityWhat's involvedBudget cost*
Independent Report on Metering Arrangements (IRMA)o The Issue of a ‘Pre-Inspection Check List’. It is critical that the installer check each heat meter against this and make any changes necessary prior to our visit
o One site inspection
o Issue of the completed electronic RHI report template in pdf format
o Completion of heat loss calculations for district heating pipework and the heat loss assessment (HLA) spreadsheet
Price on application
RHI amendmentsPossible amendments include:
oAdditions of new heat usesoReplacement metersoMissed periodic return leading to a request for estimated data form oCapacity increasesoNew fuels being usesoChange of ownershipoEssential documents including schematics and IRMAs redraftedMost simple amendments can be dealt with in 2-3 hours_
RHI biomass fuel sustainability pre-audit checkProduce
o Spreadsheets showing fuel used and heat produced and efficiency levels,
o Table of % legality and sustainability as per RHI ongoing obligations
Periodic data submissionso Completion of online data submissions
o Calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions figures for self reporters of sustainability criteria based on the amount of fuel used and biomass heat generated

This normally takes no more than 1 hour for simple systems.
Audit preparation and follow upo Review and collation of all necessary documents
o Responses prepared to queries raised by the auditor
Price on application

*Please note:

  • All prices exclude VAT
  • Prices may increase depending on the distance to the site.
  • Discounts are available for repeat work

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