Resolving issues with Biomass systems

In a perfect world you’d make your choice of boiler and installer and everything would go perfectly with no issues. Unfortunately, in such a very fast growing industry there will inevitably be problems. In most cases these can be solved through working with your installer. But sometimes, companies will go bust or communications will become fraught. Biomass Troubleshooters are a network of industry experts with a wealth of experience who can be called upon to:

  • Diagnose a problem with your system
  • Provide you with an expert second opinion
  • Adjudicate in a dispute between your fuel supplier and your installer
  • Get your project working again
  • Provide affordable maintenance contracts

So if:

  • Your boiler is fully commissioned but you’re still shivering
  • You seem to be using too much fuel
  • Your boiler keeps shutting down but neither your fuel supplier of boiler installer is prepared to take responsibility
  • You’re getting complaints about smoke emissions from your neighbours
  • Your meters don’t seem to be working properly
  • Your installer is not treating you like a valued customer and you’re disgruntled by their after sales service
  • You’ve completely lost confidence in your installer to fix the problem…

Give Biomass Troubleshooters a call – we can help!