Sustainability and quality compliance schemes

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ActivityWhat's involved Budget cost*
Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) application (simple self supplier) o Set up account on BSL web portal
o Completion of all online forms
o Collation of evidence of biomass ownership
o Collation of Land Criteria information
o Completion of Risk Based Regional Assessment
o Responses to further information requests from Gemserv (BSL administrator)
BSL application (Producer traders processing < 750 tonnes/yr)As above£595
BSL application (Producer traders and traders > 750 tonnes/yr)As above£795
Assisted Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR) applicationo Set up account on SFR web portal
o Completion of pre-payment questions
o Work with client to collate evidence of Land Criteria compliance
o Work with client to complete greenhouse gas (GHG ) emissions modules for their part of the supply chain
From £175
RHI biomass fuel sustainability pre-audit checkProduce
o Spreadsheets showing fuel used and heat produced and efficiency levels,
o Table of % legality and sustainability as per RHI ongoing obligations
£75 per hour
Woodsure application (Producer trader )Fill out and submit Woodsure application form
Customise Woodsure quality manual template for woodchip which includes the following:
o Generic Quality Policy
o Product Lines specification forms
o Manufacturing Process Controls flowchart
o Critical Quality Control Points
o Raw Material Purchasing and Controls procedures
o Transportation, Storage and Handling forms
o Descriptions of all processing equipment
o Staff Competence and personal training sheets
o Complaints and process improvements procedures
o Site map showing location of timber, woodchip and machinery
o Proposed method for control of Non-Conforming Product
o Point of Sale Declaration
o Customisation of delivery paperwork
o Produce a generic Health and Safety policy
o Produce list of all supporting evidence required for application
o Completion of Master Document List
Woodsure application (Self-Supplier)o Fill out and submit Woodsure application form
o Complete Self Suppliers Fuel Quality Manual
o Produce template spreadsheets for recording moisture content, woodfuel specs, cleaning regimen etc
£425 (£295 if we have done your original BSL application)

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  • Prices may increase depending on the distance to the site.
  • Discounts are available for repeat work

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