SRC willow cuttings and rods

We can provide SRC willow cuttings and rods of the following high yielding biomass varieties:

  • Advance
  • Beagle
  • Endeavour
  • Meteor
  • Resolution
  • Terra Nova
  • Endurance
  • Paramore
  • Roth Chiltern
  • Roth Cotswold
  • Roth Cheviot
  • Roth Mourne
  • Roth Hambleton

See the 2012 Variety Guide for more information and this blog with some updates and new information. Yield information is available at:


SRC cuttings planted through geotextile membrane which helps suppress weeds.

There are three main sizes available:

  • 20 cm cuttings – these can be used for hand planting into a weed free seed bed.
  • 40 cm cuttings – these can be used for hand planting through geotextile membrane. They can also be used for gapping up.
  • 60 cm cuttings – these are the best size for gapping up in crops that have grown well in the establishment year. The larger size means the cuttings can compete with the already established plants after they’ve been cut back.
Number of unitsPrice per 20 cm cuttingPrice per 40 cm cuttingPrice per 60 cm cutting
45 000 - 150 000£0.09£0.16£0.23
5 000 - 44 999£0.11£0.19£0.27
1 000 - 4 999£0.16£0.29£0.41
500 - 999£0.25£0.41£0.53
50 - 499£0.30£0.45£0.59
< 50£0.55£0.83£1.07

Please note:

  • Prices exclude VAT and transport.
  • Discounts are available for repeat orders.


2m rods on the back of a Step Planter ready to plant a commercial plot of SRC

There are two main sizes available:

  • 1.4 m rods – these are suitable for planting willow as a single stem tree at wider spacings
  • 2 m rods – these are usually used in mechanised planting of SRC using the step planter. They are also suitable for planting as fast growing windbreaks or shelter belts.
Number of unitsPrice per 1.4 m rodPrice per 2.0 m rod
> 15 000£0.51Price on application
4 500 - 14 999£0.59£0.72
1 500 - 4 499£0.78£0.84
500 - 1 499£1.05£1.28
50 - 499£1.26£1.63
< 50£1.92£2.00

Please note:

  • Prices exclude VAT and transport.
  • Discounts are available for repeat orders.

Plant Breeders’ Rights information

All willow varieties produced by the European Willow Breeding Partnership (EWBP) and Rothamsted Research are protected by Plant Breeders Rights legislation. In accordance with EC Regulation No. 2100/94, no further multiplication or propagation is permitted from any Plant Breeders’ Rights protected willow plants/rods/cuttings, or each and every part thereof, whether assigned, purchased or supplied. This regulation prohibits unlicensed willow multiplication or propagation for own and others use as well as for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing SRC willow cuttings for 2020 planting please contact us.