Biomass feedstock assessments

Completing a timber volume assessment for Wessex Water.

Do you have a potential biomass fuel resource or are you considering planting for the future? Are you thinking of using the fuel yourself or becoming a supplier to third parties?

Whatever your resource, be it existing woodland, energy crops, agricultural residues or waste we can help you understand its potential and the economics of supply.

We can offer:

  • Advice on growing biomass (e.g. energy crops or new woodlands) or resource assesments of exisiting feedstocks
  • Volume comparison of potential supply and demand
  • Advice on whether self-supply is the right solution for your installation
  • Advice on managing your resource (e.g. harvesting and storage regimes and any legal issues involved)
  • Advice on supply chain solutions such as bulk chip storage, contract vs. own chipping, mixed self-supply and bought in chip
  • Advice on setting up storage facilities and supply logistics
  • Advice on the funding available for would be biomass fuel suppliers (e.g. establishment grants, management grants and funding for machinery)
  • Advice on co-operative supply bringing together local boiler or woodland owners to achieve economies of scale

Interested? See our price list for more details.