Our independent advice

Why it makes sense to get Crops for Energy’s independent advice

You’re making a 20 year decision
If you put in a biomass boiler or plant an energy crop you will be making a long term decision. You need to be sure that you are doing the right thing otherwise you will have to deal with the consequences for a long time. We are not selling any one technology or solution – we will set out all the options and help you make the right decision for your land, your building, your facilities and your lifestyle.

No vested interests
We are completely independent. We do not receive introduction fees or inducements from any technology provider or installer. As a result when you engage our services you can be absolutely certain that we are only interested in your needs. We want you to know the pros and cons of the different options available – this way you’ll go into a project with your eyes open and be able to make an informed choice.

Hassle free quality projects
Our desire is to help our clients have the best experience and end up with a no fuss solution. This way the energy crops and woodfuel sector will continue to expand based on a foundation of high quality projects. If we do not think an energy crops venture or a biomass installation is right for you we will say so. An inappropriate project is a bad advert for 20 years. We make sure that our clients don’t end up with such a head ache.

The best in the business
Anyone can go to a trade fair and pick up some brochures. But how do you know if a company is all that it claims? Do you want to be the guinea pig of a new start up? We only work with professionals – companies that have a wealth of experience and an excellent track record. They get introduced to the work by us but as we are not getting any fees from them they know that they have to do a good job or we won’t recommend them to others.


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