Green solutions for problem sites

IMG_7781Crops for Energy provide a consultancy service on green willow and poplar solutions for your problem site.

Fast growing willow and poplars offer green solutions for many problem sites including:

  • Greening up derelict and disused sites such as capped landfill sites
  • Using SRC willows for treatment of landfill leachate
  • Bioremediation of contaminated land i.e. ex-sewage farms
  • Biofilters for water treatment
  • Flood mitigation
  • Stabilisation of silt ponding lagoons using the Salimat technique
  • Ground bioengineering; slope stablisation particularly of motorway verges
  • Roadside trees tolerant to deicing salt Stabilisation of sand dunes
  • Water bioengineering; prevention of riverbank erosion
  • Forestry for thin soils lacking nutrition
  • Sight screens to obstruct ugly views
  • Green barriers to reduce noise pollution
  • Windbreaks for nursery plants, orchards and soft fruit
  • Cheap and vandal proof trees for public parks

Many of these applications have dual purposes not only providing a solution to a problem but also enabling the growth of a commercial crop of short rotation coppice or timber.

Solutions for landfill operators

We have experience of establishing willow on restored landfill sites and have conducted scientific investigations on the viability of using willow as a means of disposing of raw and diluted leachates.  With our affiliates we can offer a full package of activities involving plantation design, consenting, establishment and installation of a suitable irrigation system.