Crops for Energy is one of the UK's leading authorities on energy crops and their use in biomass energy schemes. We provide balanced, authoritative, and independent consultancy support and project management services.

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Renewable Heat Incentive: C4E’s consultationresponse

This is our response to DECCs consultation on the Domestic RHI and Phase 2 of the non-domestic RHI. Our points involve possible implications of the consultation on  the self supply with energy crops or from undermanaged woodlands.

Why we need energy crops in the SW

Crops for Energy has produced the first holistic study looking at the potential contribution of woody energy crops to south west regional renewable energy targets, greenhouse gas reductions, economic development and wider environmental benefits.

CAP Reform 2014-2020 C4E’s Position Statement

The current Common Agricultural Policy negotiations present real opportunities for the energy crops sector. Crops for Energy are arguing for energy crops to be an eligible crop diversification option and SRC to be considered for ecological focus areas.

Why we need an Energy Crops Scheme 3

The Energy Crops Scheme (ECS) closes to new applications at the end of August 2013. Crops for Energy has produced a position paper which sets out the need for an improved policy framework for the woody energy crops sector as well as a third round of the ECS.

CAP Reform Consultation: Response from a broad coalition supporting SRC and the energy crops sector

Crops for Energy Ltd has sought to engage with likeminded individuals and organisations in order to respond to the CAP reform consultation and demonstrate the potential value of continued but more targeted support for the energy crops sector.

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Do you want to find out if your land is suitable for energy crops? Do you want to grow your own woodfuel? Do you want to know if a biomass boiler is suitable for your property or business? Do you want to green up a problem site? Do you want to become a woodfuel supplier? Do you need help getting a grant? Do you want to get RHI accreditation?