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Don’t fall foul of an RHI audit – get your biomass fuel records in order

Under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) around 19,000 biomass boilers have been installed in Great Britain. Any Government scheme giving grants or rebates has a requirement for compliance and ongoing obligations and this is certainly the case for RHI participants with biomass systems. However, from our own experience and talking with colleagues and Ofgem […]

Planting Eucalyptus? Read our planting guide first

It’s possible to plant Eucalyptus all over the British Isles but you need to make the right choice of species and plant according to best silvicultural practice. Many early trials failed as a limited range of frost susceptible species were used. However, the Eucalyptus genus is very diverse with many trees thriving in high altitudes […]

SRC machinery for sale

Are you interested in purchasing second hand machinery for planting short rotation coppice willow? If the answer is yes, then the good news is that we are helping broker the sale of two machines. There is also a second hand cut back mower available. Interested parties please contact us. Salix Maskiner AB Step planter Unit […]

Come and hear me talk this spring

I’m quite busy this spring with speaking engagements across the UK. If you would like to hear me talk and find out all about the biomas potential and multi functional benefits of Short Rotation coppice (SRC), Short Rotation Forestry (SRF), Miscanthus and non-wood fuels then read on. The venues, dates, times of each talk are […]

Energy Crop Plant Spacings & Stocking Densities

There are countless permutations for spacing different energy crops in order to get the best results. The distances between plants and the stocking density choosen depends on a number of factors: The energy crop involved The rotation length over which it will be harvested Whether the crop will be harvested mechanically or manually Ease of […]

Willow variety details – some updates

Since I wrote the SRC variety guide back in 2012 some new information has come to light. I always hoped that I would be commissioned to do a follow up but this hasn’t been the case. As people are always asking me about site specific information and different applications of the varieties I have decided […]

UK Pellet Council and the Wood Heat Association release 2019 general election manifesto for heat decarbonisation…

Leaders from the biomass heat industry including the Wood Heat Association (WHA) and UK Pellet Council (UKPC), who coordinate the Biomass Heat Works! campaign, are urging political parties to recognise the importance of having strong heat decarbonisation polices within their election manifestoes. Heat accounts for over a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions. The installation […]

Western Bioenergy Power Station in Port Talbot is seeking alternative biomass supplies such as arboricultural arisings and hedgerow chips

Western Bioenergy Fuels (WBEF) is a biomass power station  based in Port Talbot, Wales. The WBEF plant requires 155,000 tonnes of biomass fuel per year. In the year 2017/18 fuel sources included the following: Virgin wood Miscellaneous woodchips Waste wood Brash bales The market for biomass fuels is very competitive and WBEF is interested in […]