If you really want Super Willow Salix viminalis hybrid – buy from us!

There are an increasing number of online retailers offering “Super Willow” Salix viminalis hybrid for sale. This always looks a bit fishy to me as the full pedigree isn’t mentioned and the details are a bit vague. As a result anyone deciding to make a purchase will have no idea of what they are buying. They won’t know if it’s being produced legally or not (i.e. if it is covered by Plant Breeders’ Rights), where it has been tested and what yields it can produce.

If you really want Super Willow for biomass energy production then you need to purchase cuttings or rods from  Crops for Energy. All our varieties have been tested over a 20 year period in multi-site yield trials in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We have produced yield data which is freely available here. Most of our varieties perform well everywhere but some certainly have attributes that do well in wetter soils or can survive and produce decent yields in the drier east. We know which ones grow well in exposure, at altitude and in contaminated soils and when they flush in the spring and when they lose their leaves in the winter. If the description of a willow is a bit wishy washy or it’s not in the Willow Variety guide you really are trusting to luck.

Oh and another reason to buy from us is that with 25 years experience we know what we’re doing and what to recommend and also we provide a massive amount of information on our website. We are also very willing to discuss with you your project and make suggestions on the best way to go – a service you possibly won’t get from other suppliers.

So when it comes to willow we play a straight bat so you genuinely know what’s in your basket.

There’s still time to order for 2021 planting but don’t delay ordering. Please contact us with your requirements.