Independent Metering Reports (IRMA) and Heat Loss Assessments

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) involves users receiving payments based on accurate heat meter readings over a 20 year period. In our experience, the quality of workmanship surrounding meter placement is often quite poor.

We cannot overemphasise the importance of having meters thoroughly checked and signed off by an independent engineer at the beginning of the project as the failure of one or more meters could seriously affect future payments.  If the meter doesn’t record all the heat used you could end up being paid less than you are due. Alternatively, if the meter readings are too high you could end up having to pay back any overpayment.

We strongly advocate that end users with complex systems get an IRMA completed by one of our independent assessors. In our view such an independent sign off should provide massive peace of mind to customers.

If you decide to go ahead with an IRMA we will provide the following services:

  • Issue of a ‘Pre-visit check list’*
  • Installer liaison in relation to metering and heat loss calculations
  • A single site inspection
  • Uploading site inspection details onto the Ofgem IRMA template
  • Importing the installation schematic and photographs pdf into the template
  • Issue of the completed electronic R.H.I template (as a pdf)

*We have often inspected sites where meters have not been installed, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. To help avoid this we provide a ‘Pre-visit check list’ which will help identify any potential issues before travelling, thereby reducing the possibility of delays in issuing the report and a potential requirement for a second chargeable visit.

Interested? See our IRMA and HLA price list here