Need help with your biomass project – call Biomass Troubleshooters our new offshoot

Crops for Energy has set up an offshoot called Biomass Troubleshooters. This a network of biomass industry experts with an excellent track record in all aspects of biomass projects. Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience in biomass projects and can help ensure that your project gets off to a perfect start or help bring it back on track.

Our team includes:

  • Experienced biomas boiler installer Gary Thorne of Equal T
  • M&E design and heat metering specialist Ian Appleby of Creative Environments
  • Forestry and woodland supply chain expert Jez Ralph of Timber Strategies
  • Leading energy crops authority Kevin Lindegaard of Crops for Energy
  • All round biomass expert and experienced RHI accreditation specialist Nick Monether of Greenfields Energy Ltd and Pellet Mole
  • Anaerobic digestion sustainability and Life Cycle Assessement specialist Paul Adams of Synertree
  • Forestry and woodland supply chain expert Will Richardson of Rural Development Initiatives

Whatever your biomass conundrum we can help!

For instance, if:DSCN6020

  • You’re interested in getting a biomass boiler to heat your property but don’t know where to start
  • You have a biomass system installed but need help getting it fully RHI accredited
  • You need to get your heat meters inspected by an independent engineer
  • Your boiler is not working and you’d like the problem to be diagnosed by an independent third party
  • You seem to be using too much fuel but don’t know why
  • Your boiler keeps shutting down but neither your fuel supplier of boiler installer is prepared to take responsibility
  • You want to use your own biomass resources but don’t know how much you need
  • You have lots of woodfuel and want to sell it to a local user
  • You’re already selling fuel to end users and need help with sustainability reporting

We can help take away the background noise but open your eyes to all the options.

We can help ease any teething troubles and cut through the jargon and red tape.

We can provide you with a way forward.

When you decide on a biomass project you’re making a 20 year decision.

Choose Biomass Troubleshooters and make sure your project is as hassle free as possible.

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