Watch the Wood Heat Association & UK Pellet Council’s video on woodfuel sustainability

This short ( 1 minute) video produced by the Wood Heat Association (WHA) and the UK Pellet Council (UKPC) simply shows the sustainability credentials of woodfuel. Most woodfuel comes from parts of trees that don’t have other uses. Also, more trees are planted than are being cut down so there really aren’t the issues of carbon debt that are frequently reported.


The WHA is the UK trade association for the modern biomass heating industry that brings together wood fuel suppliers, biomass boiler and stove installers and distributors, energy companies and developers. They are a fully owned subsidiary of the Renewable Energy Association (REA), and the largest wood and biomass heating trade association with 240 member companies.

The UKPC is a trade body, also hosted by the REA, which represents the interests of the UK wood pellet sector. Its members are manufacturers and distributors of wood pellets for heating. These issues include standardisation and certification of pellet quality, safety, and security of supply, education and training.