Get maximum benefit from the RHI – grow and use your own woodfuel

After several months delay, the details of the Renewable Heat Incentive have been released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.  The scheme wil provide rebates to industrial, commercial and public sector users of woodfuel in boilers commissioned after July 2009. The tariff levels have been reduced from those proposed in 2010 consultation but are still aimed to give a 12% rate of return on the additional cost of using renewable heat compared to that derived from fossil fuels. The scheme is scheduled to last over 20 years. The announcement does not include details for domestic users but a complimentary scheme is expected to be announced in the near future.

Now is a great time to consider growing your own fuel and safeguarding your biomass supply for the future. A farm using 10,000 litres of oil per year (~100,000 kWh) for heating would require about 27 tonnes of woodfuel per annum. This could be produced by growing just 3 hectares of SRC willows or miscanthus.  Read about some farmers who are growing their own woodfuel and using it to heat their premises here

A small holding using 4000 litres of oil (40,000 kWh) for heating would need around 11 tonnes of woodfuel a year. You could produce this from planting around 1 ha of SRC. You would need to plant a third of an ha for three years to produce a seamless supply. Read about the logistics of this here.

Crops for Energy are your one stop shop for helping you grow and use your own in order to get the maximum benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

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