Hassle free RHI accreditations


So you’ve got the biomass boiler installed and you’re starting to enjoy guilt free/low cost renewable heat. All that’s left to do is to get the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditation from Ofgem and wait for the cheques to start rolling in.

However, on downloading or printing out the 225 pages of RHI guidance documents from the Ofgem website you might suddenly get a sinking feeling.  Unfortunately, the RHI accreditation process is quite technically demanding (especially for biomass rookies) and very time consuming.

If you want to benefit from the RHI without having to go through the pain barrier then Crops for Energy can help.  Although we can’t guarantee that your project will get accredited we so far have a 100% record of helping our clients boilers get through the process.

We have helped a number of clients including the following complex schemes

  • 199 kW boiler using miscanthus – district heating scheme linking eight holiday lets, a swimming pool and a farm house. Accredited May 2012.
  • 130 kW boiler using miscanthus –district heating scheme providing heat to three poultry barns a farm house and a cottage. This included an existing ineligible solar water heating system. Accredited August 2012.
  • 300 kW boiler using woodchips –district heating scheme providing heat to a large mansion and six cottages. Accredited September 2012.
  • 130 kW boiler using miscanthus –district heating scheme providing heat to an office suite and farm house. This replaced a previous biomass boiler. Accredited December 2012.

None of the above schemes were straight forward and each threw up some interesting queries from Ofgem. Having got these and other clients through the process we think that we know our stuff!

Why would you want to use Crops for Energy to do your accreditation for you? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • We’ve done it before and know how the system works
  • We have read all of the Ofgem guidance documents so you don’t have to
  • We know all the information and documents that will be required
  • We understand the RHI system so we can get your application completed in a fraction of the time it would take you
  • We’ve fielded all sorts of question from Ofgem and as a result know what makes a good application
  • We can provide a turnkey service including an Independent Metering Report

If you would like to talk over your project and get a quote then please call us on 0844 249 2901 or contact us.

And what should you do with the 225 pages of guidance notes you’ve printed out? Well you could always use them as a quick cure for insomnia!