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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditations

We’ve been completing RHI accreditations since the scheme was launched back in 2011 and have done plenty of complex district heating schemes and systems fuelled with energy crops such as miscanthus. We have a 100% record of getting clients through the application process. Why would you want to use Biomass Troubleshooters to do your accreditation […]

Biomass feedstock assessments

Do you have a potential biomass fuel resource or are you considering planting for the future? Are you thinking of using the fuel yourself or becoming a supplier to third parties? Whatever your resource, be it existing woodland, energy crops, agricultural residues or waste we can help you understand its potential and the economics of supply. We […]

Energy crop supplies

Energy crop supplies Crops for Energy can supply various energy crops including Short rotation coppice (SRC) willow  and poplar cuttings, miscanthus rhizomes and tree seedlings for broadleaved coppice and short rotation forestry (SRF). We can also source Eucalyptus seedlings for small scale SRF plots. Please contact us for details. No order is too small from a few plants to […]

Biomass Boiler Feasibility Studies

We are very experienced at producing biomass boiler feasibility studies with around 50 under our belt. Our clients include: Bristol City Council (5 primary schools and 5 elderly peoples’ homes) South Somserset District Council (4 offices and depots) The National Trust (3 large stately homes) We have also helped numerous farmers install boilers on their […]

Energy crop management options

We offer a range of options for aftercare of the crop in the first year. This service ensures that the crops are visited on a regular basis throughout the first year and that any problems are identified and actions immediately put in place to remedy them. Activities covered Gold Silver Bronze Initial site visit and […]

Sustainability appraisals and compliance

If you are are using biomass fuels in a system receiving funds through, for example the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) or Renewable Obligations (RO) then you will need to demonstrate that your fuel is coming from a sustainable source.   We can help producers, traders and users of fuel achieve compliance in a number of ways: […]

Hassle free RHI accreditations

So you’ve got the biomass boiler installed and you’re starting to enjoy guilt free/low cost renewable heat. All that’s left to do is to get the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditation from Ofgem and wait for the cheques to start rolling in. However, on downloading or printing out the 225 pages of RHI guidance documents […]