Impact of Energy Crops Workshop – Brussels 02/12/2014

This workshop is aiming to raise awareness of perennial energy crops amongst major conservation NGOs. During the day there will be an opportunity for some myths to be debunked logistec-logowhilst extending an olive branch so that project developers, farmers and conservation bodies can work together in order to achieve highly sustainable bioenergy projects.

Crops for Energy’s Kevin Lindegaard will be speaking at the event on the Impacts of Perennial Energy Crops at the Regional Level. He says:

“10 years ago perennial energy crops used to be the darling of the green movement. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Perceptions seem to have changed for the worse. We need to win back support from conservationists so the industry can thrive. In my speech I’ll be showcasing the many environmental benefits of energy crops such as the use of short rotation coppice (SRC) willow as an abundant source of pollen for bees and as a flood mitigation measure”

Other speakers will include NGOs (WWF, Friends of the Earth, Birdlife, Greenpeace, etc.), scientists from the LogistEC project and experts on food vs. non-food and indirect land-use change issues.

The Impact of Energy Crops Workshop is organized within the LogistEC project which aims to develop new or improved technologies of the biomass logistics chains. A factsheet will be produced, addressing the best way to take environmental requirements on board, when developing bioenergy projects.

Participation to this workshop is FREE. You can register on the LogistEC website.