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Hassle free RHI accreditations

So you’ve got the biomass boiler installed and you’re starting to enjoy guilt free/low cost renewable heat. All that’s left to do is to get the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accreditation from Ofgem and wait for the cheques to start rolling in. However, on downloading or printing out the 225 pages of RHI guidance documents […]

Green solutions for problem sites

Crops for Energy provide a consultancy service on green willow and poplar solutions for your problem site. Fast growing willow and poplars offer green solutions for many problem sites including: Greening up derelict and disused sites such as capped landfill sites Using SRC willows for treatment of landfill leachate Bioremediation of contaminated land i.e. ex-sewage […]

Feasibility studies, woodfuel resource assessments, grant writing

Crops for Energy is one of the UK’s leading authorities on energy crops, biomass energy and renewable energy solutions. We can offer help and advice on renewable energy solutions to local authorities, land owners and farmers. We can provide specialist advice on the logistics of growing energy crops, wood fuel heating systems and electricity generation, fuel […]