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The effect of energy crops on floodplain flows – briefing note

A year ago I wrote a blog calling on the Environment Agency to officially publish a report and briefing note that was produced back in 2010 about the possible impacts (good and bad) of planting energy crops on flood plains. Unfortunately, the report and briefing note are still invisible on the internet so I have decided to post them here. […]

It’s never too late: Time for the Environment Agency to publish 2010 work on energy crops and flood mitigation

Back in 2011 a review of the potential role of woodlands in improving water quality and alleviating flooding issues was published by Forest Research. It’s called Woodland for Water: Woodland measures for meeting Water Framework Directive objectives This deals with a very broad definition of woodlands and includes short rotation coppice (SRC) and short rotation forestry […]

Flood defence: How energy crops can help

The British summer of 2012 has so far been a complete wash out with heavy rain and floods causing events such as the Badminton Horse Trials and the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park to be cancelled. Such unseasonal weather also poses a severe risk to our homes with one in every six houses […]

Environmental Land Management: policy discussion – C4E’s response

Below is our response to the ongoing DEFRA consultation on Environment Land Management. The consultation closes on 31st July 2020. Do you have any comments on the design principles on page 14? Are they the right ones? Are there any missing? I think the overall design principles look sound. However, I am concerned by the […]

My Cereals 2020 presentation – now available online

If you missed my presentation this morning it’s still possible to see it by registering online on the Cereals website. Just click the New Specialist Crops Markets Join Webinar button and submit your name and email address. I’m on 17 minutes into the session and also in the Q&A from 31 minutes. 7 minutes isn’t […]

Come and hear me talk this spring

I’m quite busy this spring with speaking engagements across the UK. If you would like to hear me talk and find out all about the biomas potential and multi functional benefits of Short Rotation coppice (SRC), Short Rotation Forestry (SRF), Miscanthus and non-wood fuels then read on. The venues, dates, times of each talk are […]

Willow variety details – some updates

Since I wrote the SRC variety guide back in 2012 some new information has come to light. I always hoped that I would be commissioned to do a follow up but this hasn’t been the case. As people are always asking me about site specific information and different applications of the varieties I have decided […]

Brexit – what are the implications on the UK bioenergy sector?

BREXIT will have a massive impact on many industries in the UK and biomass heating is no exception. In this blog I gaze into the crystal ball and try and anticipate some of the outcomes of us formally leaving the EU next March. Obviously a lot of this is conjecture but I’ll be making some […]